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BigSignboard invests in the latest technology to convert powerful programming language into simple tools so that you can create your very own instant do-it-yourself website within minutes.








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Instant Technologies is the sole-distributor of BigSignboard instant DIY websites
Headquarters 24-2 Medan Setia, Plaza Damansara, Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur


Map to BigSignboard Headquarters in Plaza Damansara
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Learn how to make your very own website complete with information about your Company and products. Just follow the simple steps here.

Page  Template
You can add, delete or edit the pages above whenever you like. You may have as many pages as you wish.  After you login, goto MySite, Configure, and click on Pages.  You can select or change any template you like and it will appear above. After you login, goto MySite, Configure, and click on Template. (Tip:  Certain templates allow you to have a left column.)


Content - Text
Uploading the above text onto your website is as simple as ABC. After you login, goto MySite, Configure, click on Content, and start typing! You can change the font type, size and colour by selecting the respective icons, just as you would do with your Microsoft Word. After you have finished typing, click on Update Page and your website will be live. (Tip: You can make use of tables to arrange your information in a more systematic manner.  It will also give your website a neater look.) Just click on the "Insert a new table" button and set your columns and rows and other table information. Just follow the instructions on the screen and your contents will be uploaded onto your website.

Content - Image
Images make a website more interesting. Uploading images is easy. After you login, goto MySite, Configure, and click on Content. Place your cursor where you want your image to appear and click on Media Upload. Then click on Upload. You will see a dialogue box where you can Browse your computer to find the image that you wish to upload, just as you would do for social sites such as Facebook. Click Upload again. Once it is done you will see the message "
File uploaded successfully." Click Close to close the dialogue box. You will see all the images you have uploaded to your website. Click on the image you want to paste onto your web page. The image will appear on the right hand side of the screen. You may modify the width or height of the image. Once you are done, click on Insert.


Alibaba listing FREE (Promotion)

Alibaba is the world's largest online B2B marketplace.  You may get a lot of new customers not only from Malaysia, but from all over the world who are looking for your kind of products.

(Alibaba was founded in 1999 by Jack Ma. was listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 5th November 2007.  The IPO price was HK$13.50 and closed for the first day of trading at a price of HK$39.50.) listing FREE (Promotion) is currently Malaysia's most popular trading website.  It features not only houses and cars, but also every type of product and service in the country. is a relatively new site but it is fast gaining popularity.


Visitors counter FREE (Promotion)

Having a visitor counter on your website takes away the guesswork.  You will know exactly how many people have visited your online shop.  As a businessman, this may be a very important piece of information to help you in increasing your sales.
Just ask your agent for assistance to install the visitors counter below onto your website for you.  You will need some basic knowledge of HTML (hyper-text markup language) in order to do this.


Self domain RM100

Eg.  NiceSoupGang.  We will redirect your domain to  Your name card will display


Domain Email RM50

Eg.  jason@annfatt.comYou may have as many email addresses as you like.


Upload Customised Template (New) RM190

Now you may have your own template which includes your Company Logo and Slogan.  You may create your own corporate image.  Just send us your jpg file and we will upload it for you.


Links RM10 per link

Links can help visitors to your site better understand your presentation.  Links  may take them to another page or website on the Internet - it could be a whole new world of information, which would otherwise clutter up your website.  You may even direct them to slides or video clips.  You may create links not only with text but with images as well.  (Tip:  Always test your links after you have set them up, to see whether they work properly.  Also, check your links from time to time; some sites may have expired.  You visitors may then be disappointed.)

Statistics show that as at 2008, 59% of Malaysia's population of 25 million are online, compared to only 15% in the year 2000.

When Jack Ma first started Alibaba, the world's largest online B2B marketplace, the Internet was still running on dial-up technology.  During the launch, he and his friends had to wait three and a half hours just to see half a page!

Investors can find useful information at  The site provides the most complete picture on where the world economy as well as the local economy are heading.


Image Editing RM20 per image

You want your visitors to see images of your company and products.  Not only that, you want them to see those images in the best presentation.  Take for example, brightness.  You want them in the most natural hue; not dark but also not too bright.  If you need help to do this, our support staff are ready to assist in this area.


Image Effects RM20 per image

Adding effects like moving images immediately makes your website stand out from others which look "static".  Creating effects such as the ones below is easy, but it takes a lot of time.  Let our support staff assist you with this tedious but important task.  You will be proud of your new look.

Just supply them with your images and they will convert them into GIF (graphical interface file) files for you.  Your pictures will then come alive.  They may edit your pictures for you to ensure that you get things like brightness optimized.

Youtube From RM100

A picture is worth a thousand words. - Confucius.  That was before the movie was invented.  Take a look at the clip below and you decide how much it is worth.  Just give us your video clip and we will help you to load it onto your website for you.


Google Map From RM50

Having a map to your premises makes is so much easier for your customers.  Today, with technology, it is even better.  Customers can view area surrounding your office and have a better idea of your business location.  And the map is live - it can be scrolled and enlarged for better detail.

Map from Mid Valley to BigSignboard Headquarters in Plaza Damansara

View Plaza Damansara in a larger map


Hosting (New) RM10 per file (max 10MB)

We can upload your files to BigSignboard's server.  You may want your customers to access your pdf or jpeg files for company information, or you may want your own audio and visual files such as Flash, Quicktime, Shortwave, Windows Media or Real Media.  Yes, we can even host your Winword and Excel files for you.