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This page is dedicated to trying out everything you want to put onto your website.  (Don't worry about destroying anything on this page - we have backup.)

You may want to test out the following:-

> Text - add, edit and delete text, choosing font type, size, color, bold, italic, underline, highlighting, alignment

> Images - Uploading, edit, delete, cut, copy and paste, resizing, alignment

> Tables - Inserting tables, specifying number of columns, rows, alignment, width.  Editing tables, insert, edit, delete rows and columns.  Placing text and images into tables.  Vertical and horizontal alignment.

> Google map.  Insert map.  Edit size of map.

> Page.  Add, edit delete pages.  Arranging page order.

> Template.  Choosing and changing templates.

> Links.  Creating links. Editing and deleting links.

> Youtube.  Inserting Youtube.  Resizing.

> Slides.  Inserting slides.  Resizing.

> HTML.  Don't worry.  Just click on this icon, and you can see the "insides" of your website.  (Resizing is sometimes done inside this HTML page.)

> Column 1.  You may want to insert text or images onto the left column of your website.  Note. Not all templates have left columns.

You may get useful tips from the "Tips" page.

Tip:  If you are not sure how to format something eg. table, you may just copy it from another page, say the Home page.  You may even go into the HTML to locate that part of the page.

Tip:  If you do find something "strange" going on while you are saving your work, maybe someone else is also test driving at the same time.  You may try creating a new page to do your testing.